“Focus Saving” Apps I Love

Most of the time, the apps we fill our lives with either serve to make us do something new, or distract us from work. Lookin at you, Trivia Crack. But it occurred to me the other day as I was saving an article to my Pocket while at work, that some apps serve to keep us focused, if used right.

Here are a few I use that help me file away distractions for later.

  • Pocket – the best thing ever. Simultaneously ruined and saved my life. As an app and a chrome extension, it allows me to save articles I come across online for later. It saves my focus because it eliminates the compulsion to read an article when I see it. I no longer have to sacrifice work time to read it, or sacrifice reading the article at all so I can keep working. Pocketed articles serve as the perfect subway reading on my way home.
    • Warning: I say it ruined my life because sometimes I start pocketing everything and then I am drowning in articles if I don’t make time to read them. So read the darn articles. I had to spring clean my Pocket the other day, no lie.
  • Note taking apps like Evernote, Trello, and Google Keep – I am actually writing this in Evernote right now to copy to my blog later. I use all these programs for different parts of my life/brain. They are great because they capture all those open loops in my head so I don’t have to use the brain space trying to remember a new idea I just had. I am constantly thinking up new things I want to do, and with these programs, I don’t have to worry I am going to lose the thought. I just write it down and then get back to work. 
  • Any.do – This is my personal task list of choice. (I use different ones for work.) It comes with a great feature – the Plan Your Day “moment.” Every morning (or whenever you set it to), it pops up on your phone and has you go through each task you had scheduled for the day. You get the option to keep, postpone, or delete each one. It’s great because it sets the tone for your day so you know what you need to get done. Any.do also comes with encouraging messages and rewards (coupons, etc) every once in a while when you plan your day or complete a task. Plus the simple interface design is lovely.
Those are just the apps I happen use to keep my crazy brain in check. They all serve to calm that worry of “crap will I remember this later?” I feel good knowing that all the things that might take my attention right now are already accounted for with a simple button click.

What do you use to save your focus?

4 thoughts on ““Focus Saving” Apps I Love

  1. Hi there
    Great article on focus saving. My name is Bryan and I love using Evernote. I used it to blog as well but I find that it is too troublesome to copy and paste each time.

    I made blogwith.co. A service to allow users to manage their WordPress site with Evernote. You can even published straight from the editor and if you want write in meltdown too :)

    I love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this. How do you think I can make the service even more focus saving.


    1. What a great idea! I checked it out :) I wish you success with your project. I will consider using it. Do you have to keep a post in evernote once it’s published or can you delete it without deleting it from the blog?


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