Thoughts of the Day – What to Wear, Think, & Do

This morning I got a little inspired to do a Thoughts of the Day post, just like I used to. I cannot promise you will care about what follows, ha ha…

What to Wear

  • I heard that bootcut and flared jeans are coming back, which scares me tremendously. I don’t have the time to think about that and I like my skinnies! Just no :(
  • Working in my new office, especially in the Financial District, gave me a chance to reinvent my outfit choices. My old space was so very casual that it was starting to bore me. So I decided to dress up more everyday – because as far as anyone here knows, I’ve always done that!
  • Note to self – buy more simple sweaters to tuck into skirts in winter, and also more fuller right-above-the knee skirts. I am glad my style as matured to be a little more modest and classy.

What to Think

I read an article this morning on how to boost your creativity, as I am a sucker for this kind of content.  I knew most of the stuff they outlined already, but it was a good refresher. I particularly love the ideas of

  • Walking meetings
  • Changing your work environment to change your mindspace
  • Crap….I should be getting 7 hours of sleep because I am definitely not part of the 5% of people they talk about who don’t need it to think at their best.

What to Do?

No, really guys, I just don’t know. WHAT DO I DO? I have so many ideas, so many side projects I think about, like the one from my last post. I have a huge pull to fill my mind with exciting possibilities and things I can create instead of the bad stuff that still floats around in there. (I have gotten way better with my emotions and brain stuff though! Hooray!)

I keep meaning to sit and talk with Kieran about all this stuff. But he’s so cute I get distracted. :/

Screenshot_073015_020503_PMAlright, those are my thoughts of the day! Clearly, my life is one big WHAT? But I have always loved possibilities.

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your thoughts on any of them.


PS – Kieran and his friend Mike are running for Wounded Warrior in their Urbanathlon. Consider donating to their cause!


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