Marketing Musings – How Vitamin Water “Gets” NY (I Think)

Heading to Grand Central after some food adventures in LES and Chinatown with my similarly named friend Sabeena, I found myself on a 6 train with enough room for me to sit. It was glorious. Once I sat, I did what I always do on the subway if I am not reading – stared hungrily at the ads. 


Hydrate hustle1
Vitamins, Electrolytes, no trust funds. And the meteorologist joke had me nodding in agreement.
For anyone who knows me, they know that marketing is my thing. I am a total nerd for it, and it’s very disappointing when I get on a subway car with the low-budget, somewhat disconcerting ads for doctors I would never trust and colleges I wouldn’t allow to educate me. Yesterday, this was not the case. I was treated to a subway car filled only with ads for Vitamin Water’s Hydrate the Hustle campaign. I love it when companies do this – it’s so fun to see how the whole package looks instead of a stand-alone ad.


hydrate hustle2
In my (probably not humble enough) opinion – the Hydrate the Hustle campaign is awesome. It’s fun, a little cheeky, and relatable. And it’s simple – fun colors that match the drinks, one-liners, and a picture of a single bottle of Vitamin Water. Talking about NY specific things in a city where people hustle. In the summer, on the 6 train.


hyrdrate hustle3Yes, Vitamin Water, I nod, Yes, I do need hydration because this subway station was hot…and HOW DID YOU KNOW I was thinking about doing a side hustle on top of my full time job? How did you know I am a Millennial thirsty (pun pun pun) for CREATING something myself, for finding my path? And with such pretty colors? Yes!


vitamin waterI got to Grand Central and admittedly spent the inflated price of  $3.90 for my very own Vitamin Water, because hey, I deserve to Hydrate my Hustle…or at least my commute to my parents’ house. And what kind of a blog post would end without a solid resolution like this, anyway? I was already writing this in my head, after all.


Touche, marketing geniuses. Touche.


Upon further investigation, their website leads you to a place where you can use the code on your cap to fund entrepreneurs’ projects.  Pretty cool – they really are supporting that hustle life!


But I wonder…why didn’t they turn Hydrate the Hustle into a hashtag anywhere…? Did I miss it?


Who else has seen this ad campaign and had thoughts? Let me know what your thoughts are!

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