Falling in Love with FiDi

My favorite thing to do during the work day is having a reason to take a walk outside – be it a trip to the post office, our UPS locker, or printing pictures at Duane Reade. We recently moved to a great space called LMHQ in the Financial District. I am over the moon in love with this area.

Screenshot_080515_023630_PMOn one of my first days here, I accidentally stumbled upon the New York Stock Exchange as I was running to the FedEx store to print something. My head was spinning with excitement – I hadn’t been that happy and excited for life in so long. I was flying. The huge American flag and the very idea that I got to be here every day, a place full of history and fame – wow! I texted my family, called my Aunt Dee Dee, and messaged my friends about my newfound lease on life. It sounds silly, but it was pivotal after having spent so many months depressed and worried.

On a recent trip to the post office, I pondered what it is about this neighborhood that makes me so excited and enamored. Every time I step out of my building, my face lights up – there has to be some concrete reasons! Here’s what I observed that makes FiDi so special:

    • Screenshot_080515_023714_PMThe beautiful mix of business, culture, and history. Men in suits and women in pencil skirts. Signage from the Downtown Alliance about the history of the area. The Freedom Tower. The park where I eat lunch being the same park that Occupy Wall Street happened. The shopping, the food, the tall buildings.
    • The tourists are only one part of the mix of people. There are tourists, as there should be, but they are interspersed between the construction workers on break, the working men and women, and the students. (I used to work at Canal St., where tourists stand in the middle of the sidewalk to gawk at knockoff bags.)
    • There is so much on just one street.  Exciting food places, shoes, drug stores. You name it, it’s probably here. Every day I am surprised by a new storefront I hadn’t noticed before. I could live here.
    • Fresh, exciting, but also calm. I don’t get stressed walking down the street. The roads and sidewalks are wide enough for traffic to move well. There’s a lot to look at, but it feels open, not crowded.
    • featureOld + New = Hope. I love New York. I love that it’s so rich in history, but it’s also brand new every day. I love that an imposing looking building with gargoyles is next door to a shimmering glass skyscraper. I love that I can visit the Irish Hunger Memorial and also the Freedom Tower. The Financial District reminds us where we came from, while also making the future feel not just possible, but glistening.


Guys, I don’t want to ever leave!

Thanks for reading!


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