I Had Fun Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed

Yeah, you read that right. A few months ago, after 2 years of ignoring them, I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. I was a little nervous but mostly resigned to it. Dr. Wachs came into the waiting room before the procedure and sat with me to make sure I was okay. He said,

Don’t worry. If I was going to design teeth to be removed, I would make them like yours. This should be easy. If you are uncomfortable at any moment, you tell me and I will stop whatever it is because I do not want you to feel any discomfort.

After blushing at this compliment to my dental talent, I felt a little better because of his warm and honest demeanor.

Sabina "chipmunk" De Matteo. This is what I look like after getting my wisdom teeth out. Don't laugh at me!
Sabina “chipmunk” De Matteo. This is what I look like after getting my wisdom teeth out. Don’t laugh at me!

During the surgery, I was just on laughing gas and Novocain so I was aware of what was going on. The whole time, he joked with me and we laughed at silly comments. His personal brand was to be “obnoxious” by teasing to make light of the situation. He didn’t realize that I am equally as obnoxious and extroverted, so we got along just fine. Not to mention, the laughing gas did a good job annihilating my anxiety. I asked him if I could take some of it home….(I was kidding, relax). Within half an hour, all 4 teeth were out before I even noticed. My mom was shocked at how fast it went, as was I.

After the surgery, of course I was stressed dealing with the (slight) pain and swelling, and just the overall idea of having 4 bleeding holes in my mouth. But I can’t complain at all, because I genuinely enjoyed the experience. I know that sounds really weird, but Dr. Wachs is so fantastic at his job that I tell everyone to go to him for any dental surgeries. 

It got me thinking that no matter what your job is, even if you hold one of the most hated occupations, you can make a positive impact and strive for pure excellence.  Taking pride in your work, and knowing that your real job is to make those you serve happy and comfortable, is the most important aspect of you career.

I honestly think that Dr. Wachs is doing God’s work. I finally am not in pain from my wisdom teeth, and the entire process was ten times easier than expected. Win win!


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