My 25 Book Journey in 2015 – Answers to your Questions & Stats

Actually, I read 26 books this year, and I bet I sneak in one more after this post gets published. It’s casual. :)

Beating this goal was an absolute joy during 2015. I read a lot of great books, learned a lot, and it felt great to do what I set out to do back in January.

First, let’s take a look at some fun stats:

Parts of the top banner and the first 2 charts screenshot from Goodreads


I also had my friends on Facebook ask me questions about my Goodreads challenge. Here are the best questions and answers. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Juvoni asked me a bunch of awesome questions. So we will start with his:
 I am an open book(ha ha)What inspired you to take on this book challenge?
Goodreads told me at the beginning of the year to pick a challenge and so I decided why not? I’ve been much more of a bookworm since college ended. I was going through a rough time towards the end of 2014 and I probably thought a goal to work towards that involved getting distracted by books would be beneficial. It helped!

When did you start to get a feeling that you could successfully complete this challenge?
Honestly, I’m a little cocky, I think I knew I could the whole time.  It was only 2 books a month plus an extra. My commute gives me plenty of time to read. I got slightly nervous around September or October and I went into high gear, reading some books in 3 or 4 days.

What were some common themes you ended up reading this year?
I found out I really enjoy sci-fi, totally unexpected if you know me. Ready Player One and The Martian were in my top 5, and I had no idea what I was getting into when I started them. I love all the adventure and the fact that this genre is usually without the “content” a book aimed at adult women might have. I also got super into Sherlock Holmes!

Which books did you surprisingly enjoy? (Low or no expectations before reading but turned out really good).
None, haha. I tend to have high expectations and then wish a book was better executed. #OptimistProblems

How has your view on Marketing changed this year? (You seemed to have read a number of marketing books.)
I have learned so much! Jab Jab Jab Right Hook changed how I did my job immediately and opened up a brand new way of thinking. The Power of Habit  also had a deep impact in the way I understand why and how people use products, and why they continue to do so as part of their lives for good.

Which did you enjoy more reading “The Martian” or watching it?
Reading it, hands down. I don’t think you can watch a movie right after reading the book;  you get stuck on the details they changed from the novel.  And nothing compares to the edge of my seat reading on the train that Andy Weir crafted simply with words.

Why do you think other people should read more?
It forces you to focus on one thing (a rare treat in this age) and it shapes your brain in beneficial ways. Reading lowers stress, lets you take a break, and boosts creativity. Besides, it’s so fun! I always feel better and more productive if I have read a book, instead of browsing social media for hours.

The next questions are from a few of my other friends. 

Sue: Which main character that you read about did you feel closest to and why? :)
I think I felt closest to Maud from Elizabeth is Missing. The entire book is written in the first person, and this completely immerses you in the frustration of a woman with dementia who knows that there are unanswered questions, but who keeps forgetting the questions and the answers. She mixes up the past and the present in a way that comes together in the end so unexpectedly that you are gleefully stuck in the story. She was sweet, she had lived through a lot of pain, and when those around her got mad because of her memory loss, you wanted to scold them.Elisa: Was there a book that you lost interest in? How did you stick it out to finish?
I actually started and stopped a lot of books this year. If it was depressing or had content I didn’t like, I didn’t waste my time on it. One book I read through even though it was “eh” was Taxi. I expected it to be a lot less dry than it was. But I stuck it out because it was my third to last book and I kept hoping it would get better.

Sarath: How did you find the books you read? Friends’ recommendations? Lists? Randomly pick something up at the local library? Favorite authors?  :-)
Great question!  I use Goodreads to mark down books I see in stores or online. Most of my books are ones I have seen in my travels and remembered for later. Often, they are books I’ve heard about forever, like from my brother, and finally got around to. The last book I read, “Afloat”, I randomly picked up at the library and it was a wonderful read. One of my favorite reads, The Martian, I decided to read because someone writing for Fast Company magazine said that he liked both Ready Player One and The Martian. I figured if I had liked Ready Player One so much, any other book that dude liked had a chance with me.

Alright, that’s my wrap up about my wonderful 26 book journey! Wishing you a book-filled holiday season and New Year!


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