My Official Election Statement 

​As I get ready for bed – here’s the last update I have on the election. 

Tomorrow I will wake up and I will still be me. That I can promise.  

No matter who wins the election, no matter your feelings or mine, I will wake up and I will continue to be Sabina. And I will continue to try and always be my best self. No matter what. 

I’m not responsible for the decisions of our government, or the American collective. You and I, we are only responsible for ourselves. 

So I urge you tomorrow morning to wake up and be you. Not your political affiliation. Just you. Be kind(er), (more) forgiving, (more) loving. It’s up to us, folks, not the president. The United States has always been about WE the people. We decide to be loving, not just in our views, but in our every action. Not just in our causes, but in how we treat each individual we interact with. 

Lastly, I would like to thank those around me who have allowed me to be more authentically myself this year in sharing my opinions. Not only those who share my views, but those who disagree with me on almost everything.  I have good people in my life. Thank you for affording me the chance to speak and be respected. That goes a long way. 

This election cycle has hurt me, frustrated me, scared me, and definitely amused me. It’s been rough for all of us, trying to define the American spirit, while fighting against the other side who just won’t listen. YET it has also allowed us to be more open and to gather to pray, vent, and listen. Let’s take the good and leave the anger in this last half hour of Election Day.

Goodnight, fellow citizens of the United States of America. I will see YOU bright and early tomorrow. I hope you’ll bring the sunshine.


2 thoughts on “My Official Election Statement 

  1. Sabina, my wonderful daughter. Your statement here makes me so proud of you. Over the years many movements, politicians and even whole parties, have used technique of putting people into groups and then use the group goals to divide the country. It’s a political evil that causes people to stop thinking about the big picture and the well being of the country – all the people, for selfish, often unreal issues. Learning to do all things through Love, and understanding the greatness for all people in our founding documents, that will heal our wounds and help us to grown in compassion, not hate.


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