4 Christmas Songs that Will Awaken Even Your Cold, Scrooge Heart

  • Finish shopping
  • Wrap all of the gifts
  • Finish more shopping
  • Get the cards in the mail
  • Cook and bake till you explode.

Anything else? Oh yeah –

  • Stop, put on your favorite Christmas song, and let yourself be moved to tears. 

That second list is the more important one, I’d say.

It’s hard to get into the full spirit of the season when the commercial aspect takes over all your brain’s stress centers. It’s hard to sit in church when you’ve gone non-stop for three weeks straight, or enjoy your family dinner.

At the risk of sounding cliche, it’s so easy to forget the reason for the season.

So I decided to share with you four Christmas songs that stop me in my tracks, and bring tears to my eyes. I implore you to take a moment and listen with me, to at least one of the songs below. The last two are my absolute favorites, the ones that inspired this list.

A New York City Christmas (Rob Thomas)

Dang, feel those post-September 11 feels of heartbreak and unity. Feel them. And listen to Rob Thomas’ sweet voice.

December 1943 – John Michael Montgomery

Now THERE’S a Christmas story. Love your enemy, literally.

The Angels Cried – Alan Jackson and Allison Krauss

And, it’s a duet. Those always get me. Yes, I am a little country, leave me be.

And finally, the Christmas song that has given me more spiritual understanding of this holiday than any other.

Mary Did You Know – Jordan Smith (studio version)

For me it has to be this version, because he’s so amazing. -sigh-

And there’s my list!

I was going to put a ‘Lyrics of note’ section for each song but I realized each entire song is worth the listen.

As the Grinch would say, “I’m leaking!”

Have a beautiful, blessed Christmas, my dear readers. God bless you!

What’s your favorite, tear-inducing Christmas song?


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