About 14 to the Fullest

Hey! My name is Sabina. I have a lot of feelings. One of those feelings is motivation in the new year.

This blog was originally created to record my year of monthly projects and New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. But alas, it is now 2018, so I picked some new goals.


The purpose of this blog is to be my companion as I do cool stuff, and also a place for me to “come home” to and share what goes on in this admittedly complicated brain of mine.

Who am I? Catholic, 26, Fordham Alum, Community Manager at Swift Kick, Cop Wife. Life goal: to be a perpetual ball of sunshine. To-do list, crossword, and dry erase brainstorming fanatic. Part time poet. The Newest Mrs. Colleran.

Hey Sabina, how do I fully enjoy this blog?

Great question, self. The top menu of my site has some categories: Book Lover’s Corner, Productivity, and Brain Thoughts. Here’s what to expect from each.

Book Lover’s Corner: I read. A lot. Sometimes I write reviews for Blogging For Books. Sometimes I write about all the books I read in a year. Sometimes I just rant about books in general.

Productivity: I am a productivity nerd, and an organized pain-in-the-butt. In the Wedding category, you’ll hear my tips about planning a wedding, which I recently did. In Tried and True Tools, I share with you apps, processes, etc that have helped me be more productive.

Brain Thoughts: Did I mention I have a lot of feelings? Sometimes they manifest themselves into poetry, other times well-written rants or reflections. You can read more of my brain thoughts on Twitter, at your own risk.

Thanks for joining my 2018 adventure. Tell me about yours. :)

Want to help pay for my hopeful trip to Ireland with the hubby? Check out my Etsy shop, BecauseYouCANvas.


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